solo act splits due to internal differences

I’ve decided this is going to be my last proper solo tour. This is not said in a fit of pique, but in a moment of sanity. It’s for my sanity that I am going to stop. I am rarely satisfied after performances so it saves me staring angrily at an anthropomorphising kettle in a B and B.

There will be some more solo Book Club shows early next year to finish off the tour, and then that’s that. I think it is time to move on to other things, there are lots of males standing behind microphones saying some things, so one less is not a loss that will have society mourning or even noticing. Instead I plan to form an angry, unprepared, sometimes disappointing and sometimes a little scary double act with Michael Legge and we will go around subterranean rooms performing Pointless Anger Righteous Ire , our freeform, aneurysm heart attack show. This is not a theatre show, and probably not even an art centre show. I think it might need to be in the sort of rooms where someone died and they were only found behind the frayed curtains during a snooker game some months later. I’m also hoping to put together some touring science shows with Brian Cox and others similar to the mini School for Gifted Children show I took to a few places last year. In terms of solo performance I think I’ll just do a neverending low budget work in progress show that will go on forever and never reach anything near the level of competence that would allow it into a theatre. Every now and again I’ll probably play strange little rooms for suitably low prices. (I blame the free fringe for this mindset)

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Book Club tour, the audiences so far have been delightful. York even remembered to bring presents. So thank you to those who brought Tina St John’s White Lion’s Lady, Guy N Smith’s Blood Circuit and Ee By Gum, Lord! The Gospels in Broad Yorkshire by Arthur Kellett to the table (that is not a metaphor, it was a table).

“Death clung to her like a haute couture shroud” – another classic Guy N Smith  tagline

Next tour dates – 20/9 Victoria Theatre, Halifax, 23/9 MAC, Birmingham, 25/9 Rondo, Bath – see for further dates

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