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Lazarus at Kings Cross Theatre

I descended into a funk after watching Lazarus at the Kings Cross Theatre. I had prepared myself carefully. I bought and listened to the soundtrack so I was not derailed by the musical theatre renditions of Bowie classics. I had … Continue reading

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The Kipper House of Lies

Of course we’re in a simulation and we chose it ourselves. Idiots.                                                         … Continue reading

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The Good and Bad of Provocation – art and the dispossessed

Warning: These get written in one fell swoop, so they can be messy and confused. It may not be as striking as Epstein’s Lucifer at the Birmingham Art Gallery, but Medusa’s head in the hands of triumphant bronze Perseus is … Continue reading

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Elton John’s Museum of Captured Souls – Tate Modern’s The Radical Eye

Tired and grumpy, all art was quite, quite, useless. I went into the Tate Modern’s new Tank area of harsh, strong grey concrete foundations and my main thought was what use this might be for the zombie apocalypse, or any … Continue reading

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Those Left Behind – The Witness

The murder of Kitty Genovese is an urban myth that is tragically true. It is a fable that warns against inaction, but sadly it is a fable that really happened. I first became aware of it via Harlan Ellison’s short … Continue reading

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The doubtless atheist earthquake fracas

Today, I was thinking about earthquakes. This made me far more fortunate than people in New Zealand who were in the midst of one, with all the fears and uncertainty that accompany the solid ground below you being far less … Continue reading

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The Fury Homunculus

This blog is really a footnote to my screw up morning at Heathrow, can you read that here  The stomach muscles bruise and the throat tightens with during each new part of the journey I am not meant to be … Continue reading

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