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Am I a sceptic or a cynic – perhaps Deepak knows on a quantum level.

 This has been written in a bit of a blur, so apologies if it seems blurry at times or all the time.  Sometimes I wonder if I really am a sceptic or maybe just a cynic? This winter, I am going … Continue reading

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Not a post, just some blurb about Your Culture is Ailing, Your Art is Dead and other things

THE RETURN OF AWARD WINNING BOOK CLUB (it really did, so many years ago now) Apparently, the comedy circuit is in danger of becoming a place of bland safety, low risk, and unsurprising offerings.  Will it die from a lack … Continue reading

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If a double decker bus really did crash into us…you know, I’m not so sure.

Thoughts of death at Christmas. My full stomach may have taken too much blood from my brain. Expect flaws of grammar, spelling and logic.  Last night, I was traveling along a stretch of road where I was once in a near … Continue reading

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On Prayers, carols and grimaces – to be godless and devoid of god-shaped holes

I find church services make me grimace more each year. I grimace inwardly, it would be rude to grimace in front of the parish, though most wouldn’t notice the grimace as it would be worst when they are kneeling to … Continue reading

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Tis the Season to be Jolly…but are YOU jolly enough?

Enjoying yourself seems to be one of the most stressful pastimes we have in England. As I walk through high streets or hear the agonising cries of the overly laden on trains home, it seems the pressure to have fun … Continue reading

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The arrogance to stand on stage, the sheepishness to avoid the curtain call

written on the train home from the last 9 lesson – expect the usual errors.  I am on my way back from the last 9 Lessons at that point of adrenaline when you are not quite sure you feel about … Continue reading

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On curating, censoring, rape jokes and freedom? (not very festive)

a hasty reply, apologies for errors of spelling, punctuation, and possibly logic. This is not about a joke, but about how the situation for the joke occurred.   After one of the Nine Lessons shows this week, I received a … Continue reading

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Cash Cows, Golden Calves and Counting Coins by Canvases

This one probably has a hint of deja vu too, these darn incidents keep occurring.  Yesterday, a friend was taking part in one of those panels about arts and creativity panels that people like putting on to make it look like … Continue reading

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Our Daytime Sitcom Life – The One Where Peter Hitchens Does blah blah blah etc

apologies for the deja vu of this blog post, here we go again   Remakes are tricky, especially if the original is in living memory. Newsnight tried to pull this off on Monday and, like El Mariachi and Battle Beyond … Continue reading

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Glasses do not make geeks as bobble hats don’t make international skiers – my definition

I usually turn down popping on TV and radio to voice my opinion on the news. I had my days of too many talking heads, so I try to reserve my gobby opinions for my stand up or Infinite Monkey … Continue reading

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