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We and Our Big Mouth – on The Raging Book Shambles Fist Fights*

“Think before you speak”, they always said. But who does? Sometimes we think as we speak, often we only seem to have worked out what we have said as the words have reached halfway across the room. By that time, … Continue reading

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I Don’t want to sing these shits anymore – when the good night goes bad

The following was written 25 minutes after the gig, sat on tarmac waiting for the train (it was platform 12 and the 2324). It is purging through typing.  (also, people imagine I carry this misery with me for days afterwards, … Continue reading

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What Was Your First One? – Bowie Scribblings

  “Will you stay in our lovers’ story If you stay you won’t be sorry ‘Cause we believe in you” My head is a jukebox. It is playing Bowie at random – Kooks to Starman to A New Career in … Continue reading

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I Watched Saturday Prime Time…and I Think I Liked It

The ramifications of ending the incessant stand up tour schedule are becoming apparent. Last night, I watched prime time Saturday night TV. And it was a telent show. What has become of me? It was the honey trap of Bernie … Continue reading

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The Best Bookshop in The World

Walking into the Penn Cottage Bookshop for the final time, I heard the woman behind the counter explain that people just didn’t read so much anymore. Clearly a book lover, she fears that the twin prongs of “ah, we can … Continue reading

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Slapstick Ballet – Chaplin

As a child, I loved Charlie Chaplin films. I would put on my father’s shoes and wander about it with a trampish gait. LuckiIy, I was never tempted to boil and eat the shoes too, I would not see that … Continue reading

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And Some Reached For Opium as The Christmas Special Ended – Sherlock

Sherlock has become delightfully divisive. Despite a total of a mere nine episodes in five years, last night’s tenth outing seemed to anger many on social media. Perhaps some of them would be less angry if they hadn’t tweeted so … Continue reading

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