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Bullwhips and belligerent sleeplessness – Brian Cox Southern Hemisphere Tour Day Two

Day two – Sydney I am sure if Professor Cox hadn’t suggested Melatonin was a placebo then none of this would have happened. Okay, I’m not sure. If there is one thing you learn from working with a physicist it’s … Continue reading

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Knees Crack in THX – Brian Cox Australia Tour Diary 1 – Singapore stopover

It’s Brian Cox Tour accomplice time again. Look, here’s his face. My functions change for the next three weeks. Firstly, I am barely a father. Touring the Southern hemisphere, I become a Skype dad. I am a selection of tardy … Continue reading

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When the criticism is done, it may be time to step up

Many people are plugging Monday’s bill, among all the goodwill and generous donations to CLIC Sargent and Helen’s fundraising page, there has been some criticism and some sniping. “Surprising you couldn’t find a more diverse mix of people within 1 … Continue reading

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Goddammit, you’ve got to be kind

As you well know, it is the height of hypocrisy to be against poverty without forcing yourself into a position of penury and degradation. Kindness is belittled and mocked. Kindness and concern are the milksop hobbies of the “luvvie”. Venality, … Continue reading

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No Kisses for Piers, once lips for Keaveny

210 minutes sleep. Wake up, brush my teeth. The tentative bowel movements of a too early morning. No Sun yet. Chatty driver to the South Bank. “what am I doing?” Mention of science book plugging brings a hush with mildly … Continue reading

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Today’s Choose Your Own Adventure Game… The Old Blind Man and The Slick Young Thing

The woman was curt with the old blind man, the seat was hers and he was in it. To be fair, she didn’t know he was blind at first, then she did, then she wanted her seat. The Virgin train … Continue reading

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My Manifesto, My Agenda, My Neediness…

My current tour was originally going to start with this. welcome to the illusory delusional me the public presentation of who I think I ought to be saved for your possible approbation or ridicule The non nose picking not grudgeful … Continue reading

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Must Latin Still Denote Superiority

On seeing the front page headline “I’d Blast Corbyn into Orbit” lying on the train carriage floor. Written hastily as the adrenaline of disdain hit me. The Eton Yob ascends the podium. The Eton yob ascends. The Eton yob ascends … Continue reading

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Just some words. Just some 21st century quandaries and confusions.

Train home, post some drinking blog post. Ethics are difficult. It is easier to attempt no kindness or protest ever, as it will save you from the accusation of hypocrisy. Do nothing and say nothing, just smell the fumes of … Continue reading

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