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Rembrandt Doesn’t Need to Arm Wrestle Heisenberg – art and science

(apologies, it seems some of my words have been hijacked by adverts. I am a bit cross. Do not click confused, accident or stocks. will work out to get rid of this) I am a natural pessimist. Fear and worry … Continue reading

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Coco Pops as Croutons – Fragmenting Comedians

The problem with the Edinburgh Fringe is you have to take the show you’ve imagined since January out of your mind and place it in front of the harsh realities of an actual audience or the harsher reality of no … Continue reading

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Frightening Verse

“Oh mother, I can feel the soil falling over my head” Dorian Lynskey has written an article about Morrissey’s cantankerousness and whether it has distanced his ageing fanbase. As one of his ageing fanbase, I replied to a few questions.I … Continue reading

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Eddie Izzard, Airing Cupboards and the nature of writing

Eddie Izzard once advised me that I should not have an airing cupboard. He had come round to my flat to play Escape from Colditz. He won. He told me an airing cupboard was a level of luxury too great … Continue reading

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Too Taboo…or just too Difficult – things you maybe shouldn’t joke about

Are there some topics you shouldn’t joke about or that you shouldn’t want to joke about? is suicide one of them? A couple of years ago, I was talking to an ex-headteacher in a hotel bar after a gig. There … Continue reading

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