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Lemmy – Gateway Drug to Maximum Rock n Roll

Lemmy was the exception. Even if you didn’t think you liked heavy rock (I know, I know, noisy Rock n Roll is what I am meant to say), you liked Motörhead. He was one of the most enigmatic and captivating … Continue reading

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Should the Vogons Lets Us Live? – on angry festive travel

Small gestures can make me massively judgemental. Casual discarding of your chocolate wrapper on the pavement makes me rapidly sketch a psychological profile of your stinking humanity. If you cluster around a train door in the platform and nudge on … Continue reading

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Before and After

Not sure why I have written this. I think because part of what this is all about was broadcast yesterday. What is still remembered will sooner or later become a story. This may be too soon.  After someone dies, there can be … Continue reading

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Things That Made Me Delightfully Deaf in 2015 -Songs I Played More than Seven Times

As Michael Legge and I have discovered when recording Vitriola, describing why you like music is tricky. It is so much easier to describe why you hate, something juts out. Your horror or disdain may be generated by banal lyrics, … Continue reading

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The Burial of my Teenage Hipster Hopeful Youth – on Time Out’s Comedy Listings

Increasingly, 21st century print media only seems to cover culture we all know about. The revelatory is increasing marginalised or disposed of all together in case those pages opposite are not alluring enough for advertisers. It is sad, but unsurprising, … Continue reading

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Thoughts While Plummeting

I was asked to write a story inspired by general relativity. I struggled. This is the end result. It was broadcast on Radio 4, but seems to be missing the first few lines. So here is the story as written. … Continue reading

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