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So I Checked My Privilege the Other Day…

This is another hurried post. Off to End of the Road, so had to hit my friday deadline earlier. Hope it makes sense. Sorry for ugly grammar or odd spelling, Now read on… So I just checked my privilege, and … Continue reading

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The Noisy Ghosts of Long Gone Hotel Carpenters

I couldn’t sleep because of all the people in my hotel room, how did they get in? I was staying in one of those seaside hotels that makes you feel delightfully young because  a)you didn’t arrive with a group by … Continue reading

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The Never ending Imaginings of Agonising Death

I am a coward. I have been for almost as long as I can remember. I blame my imagination. It is one of those imaginations that are vivid but negative. The images it throws up during any situation with variable … Continue reading

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Do We Need Religion to be a Decent Society?

On Saturday, I took part in an Intelligence Squared debate at Wilderness festival. The debate was “The world needs religion, just leave God out of it”. For the motion were Selina  O Grady and Douglas Murray, against, Peter Atkins and … Continue reading

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Our Splendid Defeat – Happiness Through Failure

As usual I put this up under cover of darkness, a loosely linked collection of thoughts on stand up, failure, and becoming product. I’ll either delete or rewrite this tomorrow, but here it is now. As usual, it is a … Continue reading

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