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There’s a voice that keeps on calling me…

One month ago… As I arrived in tonight’s tour destination, I had a return of that bleak feeling that can occur after six hours of trains followed by grey skies and new streets and people in a town you’ve never … Continue reading

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The Freeedom to Caterwaul (as long they still come)

I might have written something like this before. Posts being written even more hastily than usual, crouched by the train doors on my 30 minute journey home. Enjoy even more errors than usual this week.  Stand up is one of … Continue reading

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Imagine a world where you couldn’t watch youtube until you got home, it would be like slavery

I am having that ephemerol experience again today. My train carriage is heavy with people  talking on their mobile phones, each one doing a business deal, offering possibilities of being moved up to a premier account, swearing at warehouse managers … Continue reading

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I was going to jump in the canal to save the drowning man, but then I thought, what’s in it for me?

One of my question blog posts. I will probably delete or rewrite in the morning. Written tired and on the journey home, quite near some dried sick on the train carpet. I am confused, it is frequent state of mind. … Continue reading

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Doctor Who’s Greatest Monster, no Reincarnation Please

I don’t watch the modern Doctor Who. This has nothing to do with thinking “it’s a show for kids” and more to do with rarely being in when it is on, and if I am it clashes with bedtime stories … Continue reading

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Where Does My Robot Hand Go When I’m Not Looking?

Written half-minded, these blog posts are not proof read by me, allowing you the reader a sense of superiority when you unearth a trove of errors. Sometimes, usually when very tired and alone in a crowded space, I am spooked but … Continue reading

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And the Opinion-bait led to us thrashing on the riverbank, bug-eyed and gasping

This was written just before going on stage tonight, so may be overly florid (even by my standards). Errors of punctuation and logic continue to prevail.I have also been loose on link bait definition, I am old and have used … Continue reading

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