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Human Minds Working to Make Human Minds Heard

I have written this very late and I am tired, expect copious errors.  Today, I had an EEG recording of my brain. I was warned that if there were any erratic results or anomalies, I would be advised to visit … Continue reading

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Sitting in the Dry Bar of the Spiritual Journey

What is “spirituality”? Whenever I read about it, I seem none the wiser. It seems to be a catch all phrase for looking at something beautiful, or inhaling mountain air, or being immersed in looking at some butterflies, and thinking, … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Thoughts of a Ridiculous Man – premature melancholy nostalgia

I have an unhealthy habit of experiencing premature melancholy nostalgia. This is a predilection for feeling sorrow for a loss that hasn’t happened yet.  This seems the right sort of thing to type about on a Sunday afternoon having said … Continue reading

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These Spectacles Were Made for Browsing

What was the first thing I bought off the internet? Could it have been that signed photo of Denholm Elliott, or was it the Mark of the Devil official and unused promotional sick bag? I was hooked on Ebay for … Continue reading

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Has My Mind Grown Up Yet? A Birthday Blog

Today, I am 45. I was born in a snowstorm. If I had gone backwards since then, rather than traveling forwards in time, It would be 6 years after the First world war, three years before Al Jolson spoke in … Continue reading

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And there was wailing and gnashing and sandwiches and sherry – on funeral imagination

The present can be a difficult place to occupy. Many people spent their days remembering how much better things were in the past, others look to a joyful future, it is just now that is always not quite what you … Continue reading

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Go To Sleep America…and Surrounding Areas… on Bill Hicks

here is unedited version of my article for Shortlist about Bill Hicks  Time to realise you are aging, to face up to the fact that the early 90s wasn’t “recent”, that when you were a teenager, people like you looked … Continue reading

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