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I Resign

I have decided to stop typing up my opinions for a little while, it seems to have become habitual. As it has become habitual, so they have become repetitive, I don’t know how these newspaper columnists manage it. I have … Continue reading

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Little lamb on Hassocks

In case you are new to these, I write them quickly. these blog posts are often questions, not opinions of certainty. You will find flaws in spelling, punctuation and reasoning.  I have been following the religious slaughter debates, awakened to it … Continue reading

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I Will Fondly Remember that Night when I was in Watford Junction for less time than I had Imagined

It is 1.25am. Well, not where you are. I mean it is 1.25am when I am writing this, please do not use this post as a timekeeping device, it is even less chance of being correct than a stopped clock. … Continue reading

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Am I bipolar or am I just touring – It’s Over…no, it’s only just begun…no it’s over…

I am chaotic. I am messy. I am confused. I have too many things in my pockets. When we started using ink pens at school, I was soon banned because I made everything inky. I like the idea of order, … Continue reading

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I, Idiot..again (madness and Madness)

To get over feeling cross with myself, I hastily scribbled in my A4 pad on the train, hoping that inky scrawls would be a good come down. I still feel aggression in my guts and it’s aimed right at me. … Continue reading

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Plungers and Curiosity and Stoppages and Pulsars

I am struggling with writer’s block. For that reason I am just making myself write. I am trying to find the sewage that has clogged up my thoughts and flush it out. So I am just typing and typing, as … Continue reading

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Woody Allen may not have been correct from a marine biologist perspective, but I still don’t want to be a motionless shark

This is not what I wanted to write, but it is the only thing I could.  Whenever I get a new show up and running, my creative mind then goes blank on nearly all other stand up ideas. I haven’t … Continue reading

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