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The Innocent Days of All Hallows’ Eve –

It takes tenacity to hollow out a swede. Was there British trick or treating before 1978? That’s when I remember it beginning. Knocking on the doors of our village neighbours, there was much confusion. Now, we live in candy prepared … Continue reading

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Even a pragmatic society is an insanely imagined Utopia

I’ve never been one to follow fashion, which is a relief, as incoherent hate seems to be all the rage and it doesn’t go well with my glasses and cardigan. Is the experiment over? Has liberalism had its day? It’s … Continue reading

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“Tasteless, but a Gem” – Joe Orton, Graveyards and jellyfish

When I first went to Leicester, it seemed hunched and unhappy, whether it is king’s bones in a car park or football triumph, lately, it seems to have lost its stoop. “Naught for your comfort, Aunt Edna. No rose-tinted memoirs … Continue reading

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What’s that eating my pancreas again? – is it time for me to depart the Walking Dead

There are no Walking Dead spoilers in this post. I don’t get the same kick from disembowelling that I used to. The lust of raw offal seems to fade with age. I am of the Fangoria generation, though I was … Continue reading

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Idiot Good Samaritan Scammed Again… the rise of spite

In the all-new Bible for the 21st century, the good Samaritan is a naive and foolish leftie who falls for a scam. The problem with scepticism is it becomes easier to exercise the further away the evidence is from your … Continue reading

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The Yin that remains Windswept and Interesting

I’ve just been to a screening of Billy Connolly’s High Horse Tour Live. As we now know, mutation, heredity and natural selection are unable to make the best, but they do lead to the least worst. In my mind, Billy … Continue reading

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I Wish My Left Feet Could Tap – some memories of Jimmy Perry

I can’t dance, unfortunately for Jimmy Perry, he never asked if I could. Last night, I was on stage at the New Wimbledon theatre for the first time in 19 years. Yesterday, I was standing next to a physicist who … Continue reading

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