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Devil and the Angel

I just can’t seem to kick stand up. It was probably in my third year of stand up that I first started thinking I really should give it up. Stand up, like most showing off based careers, is an illness. … Continue reading

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Odone Arrives Late For Outing

As we know, the majority of the mainstream news media doesn’t really deal with news anymore. It is predominantly a vehicle for opinions of news that might have happened if the press release it was found in was true or … Continue reading

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The Sickness of Self-Consciousness

Had a conversation with Mr A Moore yesterday which suggests there might be a return of Dodgem Logic over the horizon. Anyway, having no time to write a blog, here is another column from Dodgem Logic. I think this was … Continue reading

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The Solipsistic Observationalist – Dodgem Return

(Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic will return one day, but while I am waiting to write new things for this wonderful magazine – back issues still available – here is the sort of thing I wrote for it)   There is … Continue reading

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…and where my mind ended up (Edinburgh fringe pt 2)

So where did I get to with that Edinburgh fringe report?   It seems so long ago now. Physicists should study the slowing down of time in performer’s brains for the month of August. Einstein might have noticed the seeming … Continue reading

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and now the facts – what happened to my mind in August part one

Despite my occasional “fuck the Edinburgh fringe, I’m leaving” tweet (then I threw my phone at the wall and now it looks like a jalopy) I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s fringe. I think it might have been the most sane … Continue reading

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