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Jefty is 47 (or is it Robin) – So did I get where I wanted to?

Written on the train home as I transferred from 46 to 47 years old. I just had one of those stinky little moments of nostalgia iced with melancholy, or was it melancholy iced with nostalgia. Tomorrow I will be 47. … Continue reading

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Hell is Other People, So Is Twitter Hell?

Written while distracted by children playing Doctor Who video games. Hell is other people, so Twitter is hell…if you want it to be. In the 1970s, telepathy was all the rage. Oh to imagine when human beings, maybe bred in … Continue reading

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The Ghost Jester Claw Grasped him, “You have no choice”, it screamed.

I am currently attempting another book. I have written quite a few thousand words, here are the words from this morning. You, a middle-aged and flabby man with lipstick badly daubed on your face and foundation smeared precariously on your … Continue reading

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