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On a sudden bout of synesthesia in front of Stanley Spencer

Halfway around Of Angels and Dirt, the Hepworth’s Stanley Spencer exhibition, I realised I had been infected by a bout of temporary synesthesia. I could audibly smell some of the paintings (that phrase makes sense to me in my head) … Continue reading

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Fish in bras, chicken in underpants – but is it art?

  When walking into an art gallery, I enjoy immediately being confronted by the question, “but is it art?” I don’t mean from a philosophical or aesthetic perspective, I mean, is that figure in a luminous vest curated or has … Continue reading

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And in at Number Three, it’s being solitary – The Anatomy of Rest

Spending a Sunday afternoon recording a Radio 4 show in the library of the Wellcome Institute, near its cakes and pickle jars, is just the sort of thing that would be expected of me. I was taking part in a … Continue reading

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The Freedom To Fuck Up – on Podcasts

To escape from the quicksand of demographic groups, to be free of market research, to fail on your own terms, maybe over and over again… Some alien words hastily die on the vine, others soon become mundane. I remember the … Continue reading

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Oops, I judged a book by its cover – on amazon and honesty

You can judge a book by its cover, or at least you can judge a product sold on Amazon by its photograph and all other information is irrelevant. This is a warning to book fools like me. After a Diane … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Get The Colours in My Head Out

“When I started painting the pelvis bones, I was most interested in the holes in the bones”. It was some rooms before Georgia O’ Keeffe’s colourful renderings of pelvis bones where I saw my favourite painting of the exhibition. I … Continue reading

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Is it Time for the Furious Rise of the Don’t Knows

Hurriedly, the rats pressed the pedals for their pellets of spite and superiority… This week’s New Scientist editorial opens with a little Aristotle, “all men by nature desire to know”. The editor goes on to tell us that “human nature … Continue reading

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