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The Tedium of Excitement – Where Has All The Boredom Gone?

written while distracted by other things, lack of attention may reveal lack of thought.  Things just aren’t boring enough anymore. There’s too much excitement, and it is making things dull. With culture’s frantic rollercoaster scream of never a dull moment, will … Continue reading

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Twitter as Open University Course in Joke Telling – Module One

The problem with writing jokes is that there is a high percentage chance someone has written them before. There are modern stand up techniques that go back as far as Aristophanes. I used to wrote jokes for other people, then … Continue reading

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There’ll Always Be Days for Bad Teenage Poetry

You know the drill. Written in one fell swoop, hasty and not proof read. Errors of grammar, punctuation and logic… I am lucky not to have a black dog hanging over me or gnawing at my tendons, but like most of … Continue reading

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It is Just Typing – All Work and No Play…

Capote said of Kerouac, “that’s not writing, it’s typing”. Well, the words below definitely are typing. I sat on the floor of a train and typed for 25 minutes. This is it. Some questions and some words. It’s probably a … Continue reading

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Grinding My Teeth to the Gums – I Wanted to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, but I was too Worried It Wasn’t Fair Trade

This post started off with a different agenda, but about halfway through, you’ll see my id appear as the election results came in. To hell with the punctuation, grammar and spelling…my mind is reeling, my gut is aching, my throat … Continue reading

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Utopian Marrows – the allure of the allotment

The sight of an allotment gives me hope. Just as the Sunday newspaper had battered me to the state of morose, between Wolverton and Milton Keynes, I saw a square of allotments. “ You going up the allotments?” “You’ve got … Continue reading

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The Brave New World Started to Leak…And He Had No Umbrella

The sapping of life’s ambition by extraneous technology, let’s start there… I have given up on the clever phone I had. It goaded me too often, and now its screen is cracked. For many years, a phone that could do … Continue reading

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I Browse Until My Mind Turns Blue (a perilous expedition to Hay approaches)

I am off to Hay-on-Wye, the bibliosexual’s lurid playground, where all is books. A land of myopia and paper cuts.  I have a few hours until departure, and I am currently deluding myself that I can get through 24 hours … Continue reading

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Did the “Why Don’t You…” Gang Die in Vain? – our Pete Murphy Future

I must be a curmudgeon, I do not adore Gogglebox. Of all my useless opinions, it seems my dislike of Gogglebox is the most contentious. Perhaps it is because I don’t watch much TV, and so it doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Sodden by a bigot shower and venal gusts, pencil marks in polling booths are tough

When I go into the polling station and get my pencil out, I will not be making an educated decision. I will be relying on rumours, gossip, propaganda that stuck, some reading, gut instinct, and tradition. In a tricky knockout … Continue reading

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