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What I Would Give for a Large Sock with Horse Manure in it – a brilliant night of Beckett, an audience in need of a lozenge

(written while people slept and farted around me on the overnight flight from Toronto. All grammatical errors and logical mistakes in the writing have taken years to perfect) I have never felt so tense while sitting in an auditorium waiting … Continue reading

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Psychoastronomy – a morning of awe with Brian Cox

Even with “One, two, three, four, five, senses working overtime”, it is possible to spend seven days or more without a sense of awe occuring. With so much stimulation at every angle, billboards worthy of Blade Runner, Twitter spats and … Continue reading

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An Astronaut Walks Into a Ninja Sex Party

When performing in a foreign territory for the first time, I always reckon it is best to start in 2600 seat theatre and ensure you have an astronaut with you. Well, that’s how I did Toronto anyway and it seemed … Continue reading

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Suddenly Punched by an Idea

20th October 20015 – Lolitics at The Black Heart Bar, Camden Last night was one of my rare gigs. Having spent 5 to 7 days a week doing full length shows for the last eight years, I decided to stop … Continue reading

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