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I Blame Aslan – do humans really care more about lions than other people?

Soon the outraged were out raged by those who were outraged at the outraged for choosing the wrong outrage to be outraged about, and that then led to a new outrage that seemed even ragier, and everyone knew that those … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come to Sit in the Stalls – Latitude and Impostor Syndrome made Flesh

According to this post, my first words at the late show at Latitude were “Fuck. Look at you. Fucking Hell”. I was surprised, that didn’t sound like my normal opening, even when doing the Pointless Anger shows with Michael Legge … Continue reading

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Stand Up Sabbatical – “And Now I Must Mumble to Myself and Gesticulate Wildly Alone”

Will I have to resort to drilling holes in my skull now that my stand up days are over (for now). Live comedy is a non-invasive form of trepanning. It is a chance to release the angry spirits within you … Continue reading

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Not Tying Nooses Yet

This blog post is probably of little interest to those acts currently in limbo, hoping for a room at the Edinburgh Fringe after the Cowgatehead debacle. I would like to explain why I have not pulled out of the Free … Continue reading

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The Cowgatehead Fringe Chaos

I have been sticking my nose into the Cowgatehead debacle at this year’s Summer fringe and I am not sure all is as it is being portrayed. It seems like PBH is being made the villain here, but reading … Continue reading

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Losing My Religion – on why I am giving up stand up

Before reading this post, I should reiterate that I love stand up and reading back over this, it probably looks a bit melodramatic. In the act of writing about it all, everything seems much clearer now. So you could well … Continue reading

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Merely Burble – I Am Just Showing My Working Out, But I Am Not Sure What the Question Is

this is not really a blog post, just some sentences I am using to try and work something out. You may want to leave now. Merely Burble. When I was young and hair my was lustrous, did I imagine that … Continue reading

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