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The Post That is a Right Old Mess And Shouldn’t Have Been Written

This is my contractual obligation post. Even the though contract is only with myself, I have made myself write 800 words. Leave now. It is reassuring to watch a highly intelligent physicist trying to work out how to grate cheese. … Continue reading

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The Future?…That Old Thing

 I was speaking at Futurefest today. Due to a change in schedule, I had to veto some of the things I was going to talk about, so I have written them up below. The project of trying to work out … Continue reading

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The Brutalist Building Beat Happiness Into Me

It is the weekend, so here is an inconsequential post on my reactions to arriving at The Barbican a couple of hours ago.  When I arrived at Barbican station, I felt that ember of contentment that comes from non-specific nostalgia. … Continue reading

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The Reflected Clown Winked Back

The train from Northampton was quiet. It was late and I had one of the four carriages to myself. The only thing that disturbed me was a second long buzz that sounded like a hybrid of unleashed electricity and the … Continue reading

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The Brakes Off Brain and Social Conundrums Left in Silence

Well I’ve got no idea where this one is going, written speedily backstage at NN Cafe in Northampton.  After almost any interaction with any human being, a review committee enters my head and starts to worriedly discuss just how I … Continue reading

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So I thought they said Dog Bites Man wasn’t a story?

Not really sure where this one has come from, I think I left the id in charge. I hope it at least tried to make sense. Iain Dale’s clumsy tussle with a pensioner has received much attention. A lumpen, ungainly … Continue reading

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For Fear of Losing the Monocle of Frederic Forsyth

This is a little project where I force myself to write an 800 plus word blog post on a daily basis. Computer issues have almost stymied today and lost my original one for today. So here is today’s hasty few … Continue reading

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Another 140 Character Fracas of Misandry, Misogyny and Mondays

This was not meant to be the post of the day and another may be along soon. Accidentally got lightly embroiled in a twitter conversation about misandry, misogyny and FAQs. I have hammered this out to go beyond the confines … Continue reading

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Piercing My Nipples Will Just Give the Reaper Something To Grasp

I write a blog every day. I write it hastily, errors abound. Sometimes I am almost serious and banging some gavel of indignation, sometimes it is just a few silly thoughts on nothing much really. Today it is the latter. … Continue reading

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And on the Third Day Faraday Rose From The Tomb…

  This was not my intended blog, but another reactive one to some of the comments I received about the last one. For those new to this, I am writing a post a day, many of which are me working … Continue reading

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