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Uh Oh, a liberal Atheist writes about liberal Christians, this can’t end well

this weekend I attended the Greenbelt festival and various thoughts came uninvited into my head about the presumed battle between the faithful and the faithless. here are some of them. This is a reflection of this conversation in the UK, … Continue reading

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The Five Star Comedian Read His One Star Review And Started to Experience an Identity Crisis

this is not a cohesive whole, but a collection of paragraphs loosely mulling over the impossibility of objective judgement of comedy (well i think that’s what it is). It is partly due to reading diverse critical opinions of shows at … Continue reading

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A seemingly not brief excerpt of a very long thing

A few months ago I sat in the Wellcome Collection Cafe (a lovely cafe even if the cupcakes seem overpriced, sometimes I pop over the road to the Quaker cafe for my soup) and talked for hours. Unlike when I … Continue reading

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“it all used to be anarchist mimes around here” he wept

WARNING – no editorial process has taken place, expect poor sentence structure, bad punctuation and misspelling What is that you are thinking, “there aren’t enough blogs about the Edinburgh fringe here”? Oh okay, I’ll write one too then. Sadly this … Continue reading

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