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Eddie Izzard, Airing Cupboards and the nature of writing

Eddie Izzard once advised me that I should not have an airing cupboard. He had come round to my flat to play Escape from Colditz. He won. He told me an airing cupboard was a level of luxury too great … Continue reading

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Too Taboo…or just too Difficult – things you maybe shouldn’t joke about

Are there some topics you shouldn’t joke about or that you shouldn’t want to joke about? is suicide one of them? A couple of years ago, I was talking to an ex-headteacher in a hotel bar after a gig. There … Continue reading

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Some Sort of Word Experiment or failure

I am thinking of what to do in my two Edinburgh shows. I may well put in some slightly more scripted word pieces as opposed to the usual ramble, though the usual ramble will be present as well. This is … Continue reading

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Deserving Rich, Greedy Poor & thoughts on why I voted

I voted early. I will wake up in Stockholm when the general election result comes through. I might seek asylum and send for my family. The last few days of the election are usually a grotesque spectacle on the newsagent’s … Continue reading

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Hello Wembley! Are you Ready For Maxwell’s Equation!

I am not an arena comic, but for the last 22 days I have been an arena sidekick. I’ve been a Sid Little to Brian Cox’s Eddie Large. Except it has been Brian looking plaintively at me, as I run … Continue reading

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Iain Lee – Big Issue Piece

A I wrote this piece for The Big Issue a few months back. It isn’t up in the archive, so here it is. I first saw Iain Lee in an Edinburgh comedy club, duetting with Mackenzie Crook on an easy … Continue reading

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Is Matter Growing In Me That Shouldn’t Be – The Hypochondria of Gum Wire

By the third day of earache and gum swelling, the tumour fantasies began. Actually, it might have been the second…or even the first. My pain memory plays a trick on me. It says,”haven’t you had this pain for months? Hasn’t … Continue reading

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