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A father’s day poem, but probably for mother’s too

This is a little poem about those times when you think of the time when your children will be grown, still friends, but differently. Written after we walked around the woods where we built a den and saw that it … Continue reading

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The Book Fast Must Begin

My book fast has begun. It officially began yesterday, though I haven’t bought a book since Tuesday, unless you count Uncut Magazine’s bumper Nick Cave special. My last book shop in a bookshop was at Islington’s Oxfam, where a bought … Continue reading

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A Mess of Thoughts on Jokes and Freedom and Context

“you can’t say anything anymore,” say the people who seem to be saying everything. The free speech squabbles have become dominated by people who celebrate bullying and spite or just people who don’t seem to realise that some people don’t … Continue reading

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and she said “Well, I don’t think you’re a fishmonger. I think you’ve done a plop in the wrong lavatory.” – Happy Birthday, Rik

Rik Mayall would have been sixty today. He is the main reason that my ungainly employment for the last twenty five years has been shouting at strangers for money. A few weeks ago, I hosted an event where we showed … Continue reading

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Book Shambles Is Back – my January books

Book Shambles has returned. The first episode is with comedian, producer, director, actor AND broadcaster, Jeff Garlin. To tie in with its return, here is my reading and seeing diary for January. Much of January has involved working on the … Continue reading

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Were There Other Doctors? – On Tom Baker

Here is a piece I wrote about Tom Baker for the Mark Millar edited Big Issue. Oh the giddy nausea of excitement when the Doctor Who theme tune began on a Saturday afternoon. Who is my Doctor? Tom Baker, of … Continue reading

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