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What I did on my (sort of) holiday…So A Goodie Walks into a Shark Zombie Attack

One of my highlights at the Laugharne Weekend was my suspected heart attack. It was only me who suspected it, everyone else was oblivious. My constant drive to be more ludicrous and loud on stage has led to me having … Continue reading

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Flitting Into Possible Futures

This is my reading blog post, not my general fury/joy blog post. Thursday 24th September I started the day in the fecund menagerie and arboretum of Technobiophilia and ended it reading Gary Numan’s stories of abusive graffiti in 1980s New … Continue reading

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Rik Mayall Questionnaire

I think I have become even more preposterous in my facial stage contortions and manioc delivery since Rik Mayall died. Did his death and all the thoughts that led to, the reminder that many people’s first experience of his performance … Continue reading

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Post Gig Report – Cambridge and the Power of Flu Max

Tonight, I had that snappy transition from hyper and loud performance, to packed bag and rush to the station. Grabbing a sandwich like a marathon runner grasping a plastic cup of glucose drink, and striding up the stairs to the … Continue reading

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Hiding Near the Lily Pads of Cyberspace

23rd September The reading day starts with Oliver Double’s Getting the Joke, an examination of stand up comedy, the skills required and the pitfalls peppered around a possible career in it. I first met Oliver when we were both juvenile … Continue reading

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“Hey, do you have lightbulbs here?” – the travelling stand up and the cultural reference

It was “rigmarole” that did for me in the end. Whenever performing in another country, there will be a moment on stage, usually just before the punchline and after the long build up, that your internal monologue looks at you … Continue reading

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I Might not Know Art, But I Don’t Know What I Like Either

Not sure I should write this after the trouble I got into with that joke about JMW Turner. I am an expert on nothing. Art is one of the many things I am ignorant. I wouldn’t even go so far … Continue reading

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From Kate Tempest to The Fall via Futurist Cake Treats and Miss World

Warning – This is a reading diary (part 3), not really a proper blog post, so you might find it boring. Kate Tempest’s Everybody Down is a potent reminder that listening to music should be an activity, not just turned … Continue reading

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Sorry, I Forgot Who I Was

When I was a pubescent schoolboy, confused and impatient my voice to drop octaves and gain a Blessed boom, I was often accused of deepening my voice when answering questions in class. I would avoid putting my hand up, something … Continue reading

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Not Only Will I Be Late for My Own Funeral, I might Skip It Entirely and lIve Furiously Forever

This is a dressing room blog, I’ve written it because I can’t concentrate on reading when it is 20 minutes before show off time. As the Northern Line train indicator comes into view, I see that it is three minutes … Continue reading

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