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Solipsistic Noise Sods

When did it start to become normal to watch movies on trains without headphones? Not so many decades ago, this kind of behaviour was held up to ridicule and a vulcan nerve pinch in Star Trek 4 (or was it … Continue reading

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The Edinburgh Festival as Neverending Open University Course in Comedy – Module 23

I took a long time to finally put on a solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. This was foolish of me, I have no idea why I wasted the 90s with a few gang shows and little more. Though … Continue reading

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Cinematic prescriptions for Weeping when Required – take Magnolia twice yearly

It was Josie Long who told me it was called crying porn. When the phrase comes into conversation, there is an initial look of suspicion, a pause filled with the gurglings of perturbed imagination and the hope that whatever these … Continue reading

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My Brain Officially Exists…Barring Philosophical Conundrums on the debatable nature of reality

I presume I am likely to be neurotic, so surprise myself when I am not. I anticipate the loss of nerve and am surprised when it is still there. When I visited a prison earlier this year, my biggest worry … Continue reading

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Eluding Boredom

My ability to say no has improved, though my fear of pins and needles in my left arm, hastily followed by dropping dead on Paddington’s platform three remains. Why don’t I do one thing at a time? Is it because … Continue reading

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Penguins May Explode – Python at 02

I wasn’t a fan of the Monty Python TV series. I had no choice. I was growing up in a time when it wasn’t repeated. (despite my haggard face, I was too young for it first time around). Monty Python’s … Continue reading

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They Came to Demolish Candy Rock Mountain – Can I escape sugar?

I have decided to attempt giving up refined sugar – my joyous diet of muffins, choc bars, and nostalgic biscuits such as Clubs and Penguins. This is not due to any fad, merely intrigue. About four years ago, I smoked … Continue reading

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