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the toilet screams of the lock confused

Still some number-crunching to do, but statistics for how many people on the Edinburgh to Aberdeen train route don’t know how a train toilet works will be with us soon. Wednesday 9am wake up in Stand Flat – unlock bedroom … Continue reading

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the spelling of a fool

(Expect appalling spelling below. it is late, my eyes are dry. the focus of cigarettes and alcohol now a month away – I hope to be able to focus again soon) Since Monday and the acupuncturist and Aric Sigman, I … Continue reading

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Chapter One – Chapter 8 Body popping and Baked beans

The Daily Mail quote on the front cover of Remotely Controlled is “how TV is quite literally killing us”. so get ready for the ride Continue reading

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Chapter One – Chapter 7 Sexual Miscreants and Turtles

Let’s get the DVd over and done with straight away. I have had Julien Donkey Boy for at least seven years. I think I bought it from a sale where they had lots of arthouse for sale so I … Continue reading

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Chapter One – Chapter 6 Offal in the Arthouse and William Morris’s wallpaper intentions

I had a delightful gig at mac in Birmingham (even though I discovered I had wasted possibly minutes capitalizing it with every tweet and facebook mention. It is lower case. I have looked like a case insensitive fool for all … Continue reading

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warped nostalgia blog from Gervais Fame Tour – eyeshadow hair oddity

Here is another myspace blog from Fame tour of 2007. In this one I have a scalp cracked and lumpy by the application of mascara by a man who knows the heavyweight champion of the world. Oh dear, Wednesday was … Continue reading

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Chapter One – Chapter 5(b) Socrates, Jesus and John Wayne

“Four centuries earlier Socrates at Athens observed that a really righteous person would be so unacceptable to human society that he would be subjected to every humiliation and crucified” I would like to be The Lawnmower Man at times. I … Continue reading

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