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The Past is Another Country…the food is terrible and there’s no vegetarian option

None of the names below have been changed deliberately, though memory may have failed me. If new to these posts, they are written in haste and strewn with errors. Now read on, if you wish… Seeing a fat boy in the municipal … Continue reading

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The Excitement of Mousetrap Swaps and Doctor Who

After being misinformed by Apple about an imminent repair which was far from imminent, I found myself with 5 hours to spare in Shepherd’s Bush. I played with the idea of walking to the buildings which were once the BBC, … Continue reading

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Leaked thoughts on the way to Michael Crichton’s EnglandWorld

Only losers take the bus, so I took the bus, no point in amplifying the delusion. Here are a few of the things that crossed my mind from Euston via Waterloo to Cranleigh. It didn’t start well. Turning to the … Continue reading

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As James Woods Warned Me Before Sticking A Gun in His New Hole

Technology allowing, I write a blog post a day, just another of life’s pointless experiments. Due to hurried nature of it, beware grouchy grammarians, spelling lovers and admirers of sense As a child, I was a TV obsessive. As a … Continue reading

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The Horror of Killing Your Babies…metaphorical babies obviously

I have decided to kill off Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People, or at least cryogenically freeze it. I have great fun, occasionally spiced with exasperation and stress, putting together these shows and I know for some people they … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Staring Out of the Window Again, This is My Report

Rattling through the Peak District, this is what I saw and thought. WARNING: I try to write one of these a day, this leaves to shoddy grammar, spelling and meaning When I wasn’t reading my book, tutting at a newspaper … Continue reading

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Hope I Die Before I Get Bored (so many books before then, let me live to 104)

part of the ongoing “a blog post a day” project, Grouchy Grammarians beware, I have not time to proofread. I await your corrections.  Last night, I contemplated my baldness under the harsh lights of the dressing room. A few lonely … Continue reading

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