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The Yin that remains Windswept and Interesting

I’ve just been to a screening of Billy Connolly’s High Horse Tour Live. As we now know, mutation, heredity and natural selection are unable to make the best, but they do lead to the least worst. In my mind, Billy … Continue reading

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“Hey, do you have lightbulbs here?” – the travelling stand up and the cultural reference

It was “rigmarole” that did for me in the end. Whenever performing in another country, there will be a moment on stage, usually just before the punchline and after the long build up, that your internal monologue looks at you … Continue reading

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“Hey, you know when there’s utter silence just after you’ve said, ‘you know when…'”

On advice, I have reinstated the ‘this may well contain poor punctuation, grammar, and reasoning’ warning. When a good observational comedian says, “you know when (place human behaviour here)”, the whole pub room, theatre, or arena laugh. They have had their … Continue reading

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