No Kisses for Piers, once lips for Keaveny

210 minutes sleep.
Wake up, brush my teeth.
The tentative bowel movements of a too early morning.
No Sun yet.
Chatty driver to the South Bank.
“what am I doing?”
Mention of science book plugging brings a hush with mildly ground teeth.
He’s a Jehovah’s Witness creationist.
We argue gently.
I try to explain that 13.7 billion years isn’t “just guesswork”
We amicably part and I take the lift to a mild powdering.
Brian Cox is almost late.
Still debating if time is more relative for some, we sit on stools near Piers and Susannah.
Piers mentions he has recently interviewed PROFESSOR Stephen Hawking more than once.
His Professor is in bigger letters than Brian’s.
We joke and talk of simulation.
Apple pastry.
Two apple pastries. To Shaun Keaveny.
Unlike Piers, I have kissed Shaun Keaveny full on the lips…for the sake of the show of showbusiness.
We measure tent volume in peas but not petit pois.
To Victoria Derbyshire and some smart young things of Ruislip High.
Talk of dead strawberries and simulated universes.
I am not allowed inside the studio of Adrian Chiles, just Clever Brian Cox for that.
To the Guardian building for a facebook interview.
Apple pastry sugar running dry by now.
He gently goads.
I parry.
Our book plug done, he to Canada (soon) and me to Broadcasting House
To tiredly attempt to muster patterns for Monkey Cage next with Sash
Producer/co-writer/ wrangler
To Cambridge. Type a page of next book. Delete. retype. Stop.
There’s a psychologist called Dickon
He drinks tea but I stay dry
as he explains Freud and Bowlby
Empathy and imagination
Plug for that benefit that just won’t sell
Blog typing til home
Things done
Though not enough

My last two tour dates in UK for a month are Southport and Norwich.
Benefit is at New Wimbledon Theatre w/ Billy Bragg, James Acaster and more than enough people worth £20
Monkey Cage book is out in 70 hours or less.

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2 Responses to No Kisses for Piers, once lips for Keaveny

  1. doreenmilne says:

    Excellent stuff on Vic D show in the morning. The way you guys engage with the young folk is excellent. Old yin here loved it as well. Take care of yourselves, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. X

  2. Glenn Holberton says:

    Sounds like a great day, all in all! Except obviously for the Piers Morgan part.

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