Some Sort of Word Experiment or failure

I am thinking of what to do in my two Edinburgh shows. I may well put in some slightly more scripted word pieces as opposed to the usual ramble, though the usual ramble will be present as well.

This is some words about those gifts you buy on holiday for family members and then, one holiday, there is no need to buy them anymore.

Drunk Wasp Shopfront

The Fudge in the window
was spur for a memory.
Cut Cubes behind glass
Wasps dipping & licking.
No need to go in now
I can leave the shop be.

Last time we bought some,
They slumped in that paper bag
to the left of your chair
lumping back                                                                                                                                        to single candy mass in the sunlight.
Never Forgetful over sweet treats
You barely touched them now,
Still there when you were gone.

No purchase needed
I’ll browse a while anyway
Maybe a quarter of clotted cream
Shame to leave empty-handed

What window will be the memory spur of me
If all the bookshops are gone.
Oxfam? Iced buns?
Or maybe just a skip.                                                                                                                              “splintered shelves, a snapped CD,                                                                                                 bubble wrap & a picture frame                                                                                                            that rings a bell.”

It’s not really finished, I am still working out how to do this.

My Edinburgh shows are here and here. Then on tour






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4 Responses to Some Sort of Word Experiment or failure

  1. Rachel says:

    I like this Robin…sad in a gentle way even though the loss behind it obviously stings… slightly playful… a moment… a slice of mortality, grief, memory, reflection, nostalgia… was this the poetry you mentioned you were working on the other day?

  2. Rachel says:

    I also really enjoyed the “Growing Down” story, with the bookseller and the lady choosing children books- but I’ve not been able to relocate it to say so!! It reminded me a bit of an “outer limits” vibe, and has stayed in my head.

  3. Rachel says:

    oops “children’s books”

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