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A Warning to the Not Curious Enough…

(I wrote this as I waited and I hoped…) Some days, you think, “this is all going rather well”. More often than not, this is a mistake… I am in a remake of The Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, directed … Continue reading

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A Rare Smile in a Big Field -Leonard Cohen

(I wrote this rather late. Like lots of these blog posts, it is just mumbling really and likely to be error strewn) “I no longer have the voice that says ‘you’re fucking up’, that’s a tremendous blessing really” (from a … Continue reading

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Small Dreams in the Corners of Wilf Lunn’s Mind – British Art Show 8

I didn’t have the concentration needed for contemporary art today. I needed more time to work out the puzzles. Contemporary art exhibition often seem to be a game of The Crystal Maze. “You’ve got three minutes in the room to … Continue reading

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We Are All Insects Now and Other Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Philosophical is a state of mind that can be elusive when I am jolted into shock. When my basement flat flooded with sewage (or rain water as the water company preferred to describe the toilet paper and turds that were … Continue reading

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Hegelian Biscuits in a Rich Port Solitude – a visit to the Wilson Gallery

“Comedy noses are ground down over six months producing a kind of mince”. The menu hangs on a Cheltenham wall, this is the sort of town you’d expect exclusive cuisine. “mark of the beast under a greasy scalp in an … Continue reading

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Nosferatu Shadows on the Cave Walls

I wrote this after some wine. Just sentences… There’s Nosferatu shadows on the Plato cave walls. The Daily Mail is an equal opportunities fury supplier. It enrages the readers who agree with it and it enrages those who despise it. … Continue reading

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Down to Margate, you can keep your Costa Brava…there’s no Turner Exhibition There

“…the skies over Thanet are the loveliest in all Europe” – JMW Turner I was in Margate in the final week of August. The beach was packed. The sandwich queues were long. Skins were crackling under the sun. There were … Continue reading

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