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Has Your Inner Monologue Got an Accent?

I have two recurring thoughts that seem to be a daily event. One, is while staring out of a train window, I look at all the trees and think about the remarkable variety of life on the planet. I look … Continue reading

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An Awfully Banal Adventure – I See No Portillo

Standing on the last off-peak train, cunningly disguised as peak due to the nose to hairline to toe to elbow to toe again proximity of the humans aboard, I made a rough headcount of my carriage. Somewhere between 100 and … Continue reading

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The Anxiety of Dolphins (and the dance of bees)

One of the more disturbing, intriguing and enlightening concepts I learnt about from BBC4 this year was the idea that dolphins could kill themselves. I nearly typed ‘commit suicide’, but I have learnt from making Radio 4 documentaries that ‘commit … Continue reading

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“Root canal? you say, hurrah”, he cried, “a reason to browse”

I want to know everything, which is leading to me knowing very little indeed. I am drowning in a sea of potential knowledge. A new incoming tide of of books is precariously stacked opposite my bed, a series of waves … Continue reading

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“…But I will defend to the death your right to lewdly threaten…hang on Voltaire, are you sure that’s it?”

One of those blog posts I started writing while drunk. More questions than answers… Sometimes, when I can feel how grey my hair is, I worry that all reality is now projected out from a screen. The only subjects of … Continue reading

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It Rages On like a Small Match Lit in the Wind

I am sorry that I am even typing the words that follow. You have probably read them before. You know it already. This post is going to be a frippery. If you don’t have much time to read today, then … Continue reading

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I am not Lee Marvin. I am a have-a-go impediment.

“I’ll knock you from here to next week”, he said, looking straight into my eyes. At that point, looking into his angry mouth, I knew I had more teeth than him, for how long this would remain so, I had … Continue reading

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