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In Need of a Medicalised Stand Up Patch – Cold Turkey Comedy

I gave up smoking. Four years or so now. The last one was with Steve Lamacq at Reading. Now I consider the smoking me as a ridiculous figure. I never had the face for it. I gave up drinking. I … Continue reading

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“Good Lord, the man on the marimba has a cockney accent” – thoughts on youth centres

I live in a nice middle class town. The upcycling shops and bespoke Chelsea bun bakers spread cinnamon and freshly tarnished nostalgia across the streets. Like many nice middle class towns, not everyone is middle class, but we don’t like … Continue reading

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The Ludicrous, Mumbling Figure Hurried as Things Fell

This is self indulgent. self-pitying. There are far more people facing far worse things than bruised egos and fear of failure, so don’t read on if that will irk you. There are far more important things than this – the … Continue reading

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“we’re gonna need a bigger boat” – the Quint Nights of Monkey cage

It was the tales of the Botfly larva wriggling around in a human’s brain that was probably the most enduring imagined noise left in the audience’s minds after this week’s Monkey Cage recording. Apparently, the larva make a blood curdling … Continue reading

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Eyeless in Amersham, The Dead March On

“Steve King says we don’t have nightmares because we give them all away” George A Romero Lately, I have been thinking about what scares me. What are the haunting images and spooky tales that stuck to me from childhood. A … Continue reading

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TED and Grace and Tow Trucks

I used the brief window of adrenaline opportunity that I had this afternoon, and now it is gone. But I am glad I got to use it. It is much easier to write about bad gigs, or gigs that you … Continue reading

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Pitta as a Weapon and Cowpat Pie

The train pulls out of Church Stretton, Song for Jesse by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is playing, the sun is on the hills, and I am surprised that no one seems to be walking up any of them. It … Continue reading

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