Solipsistic Noise Sods

When did it start to become normal to watch movies on trains without headphones?
Not so many decades ago, this kind of behaviour was held up to ridicule and a vulcan nerve pinch in Star Trek 4 (or was it 5?). I don’t think people are being deliberately obnoxious, they merely lack the imagination to think that not everyone desires to listen to something akin to a talking books version of Transformers 3. Perhaps they see the sound as only existing in their world, and maybe all those around them are non-existent too. The perpetual mobile phone conversation, i-pod eradication of a society beyond your chosen soundtrack may make the rest of us nothing more than inferior illusion intrusions – another adventure into solipsism. Maybe the creation of “the quiet coach” means that it is considered acceptable to make noises in all other coaches. Being a middle aged human, I see these acts, along with littering and unnecessary shouting (which may well be an apt title for my shows of unnecessary shouting and Brian Blessed impersonations), as symptoms of the end times. This is not railing against youth, as this behaviour is common amongst most ages. I’ve never been very good at being contemporary, I refused to entertain the notion of CDs (now archaic) throughout most of the 90s, I would drunkenly rail at NME journalists, furious that the latest Morphine album was only available on CD.
I have only recently started watching Breaking Bad. At least it has cut down on aggressors drunkenly shouting, “what do you think you’re looking at?”, as immersive technology has created a cloak of invisibility in urban physical life, while we become ever more visible ogres and contrarians in the virtual world of the internet. Everyone is an avatar nowadays.

(this post was written just to get it out of my system on the 1425 from Newton Abbott)

This year’s fringe shows are at The Stand 3 at 16.25 and the Wee Red Room (with Michael Legge) at 22.00, this and all UK tour information is HERE

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2 Responses to Solipsistic Noise Sods

  1. Alison says:

    It was Star Trek 4 and it should be legal to do this as part of a citizen’s arrest.

  2. Vernon Baseley says:

    There is a straightforward avenue for dealing with this.
    Railway byelaw 7 (1):
    Except with written permission from an Operator no person on the railway shall, to the annoyance of any person:
    (i) sing; or
    (ii) use any instrument, article or equipment for the production or reproduction of sound.

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