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The Sociopath Sneered and observed their gurgling guts

My sociopath within sleeps with one eye open. Crouching somewhere between my brain stem and my neocortex, he squats, twitching like a dog dreaming of hares.  Last night, I had again had the delight of pacing and yelping and miming … Continue reading

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The Placebo Effect of Poodles

The rot set in somewhere around the time Bill Nighy was transformed into a line drawing by a departure gate. It all became more gangrenous during during Joanna Hogg’s Unrelated, a film either beautifully hypnotic or interminably dull, the internet … Continue reading

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Filling Time in Sutton Coldfield

I love my job. The 17 year old me might not even believe it was a possible job, or he might be annoyed that I am not famous and in films with Bill Murray or driving through deserts high on … Continue reading

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First They Came for the Bigots… Picnic Dreams

I started writing, then I stopped. This is just a confusion of sentences, not an argument, and if it is one, don’t expect sense.  First, they came for the bigots, and I said nothing, because I didn’t believe I was … Continue reading

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White Noise of Imagined Disapproval

I spent Sunday night in Belfast with Josie Long, Gemma Hutton, Mark Thomas and Bridget Christie. We were doing a gig for the Pro-Choice campaign, the sort of issue that in Northern Ireland is seemingly more reviled by politicians than … Continue reading

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Is it just a D or OCD: Slight Battles with an Obstreperous Mind

I am sitting at an airport, waiting for my OCD to strike my mind, or rather, to be conjured up by the malevolent part of it.  As time moves on, I become increasingly comfortable with my own ridiculousness. Maybe some … Continue reading

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Soaked in Salt, He Prepared Himself for the sting of Twitter

When will the new Moses come down the mount with the commandments of the internet? When Darron Arronofsky makes him I imagine. On Milton Keynes Central Station platform, I sat down and had an ethical quandary. Shortly before I left … Continue reading

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