I Resign

I have decided to stop typing up my opinions for a little while, it seems to have become habitual. As it has become habitual, so they have become repetitive, I don’t know how these newspaper columnists manage it.

I have found it an interesting exercise since September, and the feedback has been at times enlightening, occasionally infuriating, and sometimes enigmatic (by which I mean confusing).

My punctuation has failed to improve.

As I spent much of my working life alone, I find things like Twitter provide me with the chance for an egotistical conversation, I fear I need to lose that prop before I hit 75,000 tweets. I am not sure I will succeed, for each addiction I crush, booze and cigarettes being the pre-eminent ones, a couple more spring up. I should spend more time reading and less time telling people what I am reading. I may find the cold turkey too much. perhaps I’ll be back blogging again tomorrow, but I have the opportunity to vent for a couple of hours on a nearly daily basis from the stage, and I should focus on that area of showing off. I will not depart from Twitter instantaneously, but I will attempt to ration myself to 3 tweets a day. Goddammit, that 140 character world of fracas sucks you in. What madness is it to be lured into checking how many times a sentence you have hastily typed has been retweeted? I will incarcerate the majority of my ridiculousness in my mind.

The feeble roar continues in the flesh – from Salford to Maidenhead, Leeds to Glasgow via Newcastle and frequent London, Northampton and Brighton outings. It is more than likely I am coming to a town near you. Details HERE

My new 3 hour DVD which plays in a different order and with different intros on at least 8 outings is HERE

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7 Responses to I Resign

  1. Nathan Moynihan says:

    There goes my toilet reading.

  2. earthles77 says:

    No more blogs for a while? That’s a bit disappointing. Oh well . . . I’ll have to resort to listening to old downloads of The Infinite Monkey Cage. My wife loves them! It’s the only thing that sends her off to sleep at night. She’s not a physicist …

  3. Bletherskite says:

    Have always enjoyed your blogs, so many recognisable things in them which is great (and also sometimes worrying ;-D) and I can’t say I’ve ever found them repetitive. Enjoy your break (however long it is) and I look forward to future musings as and when.

  4. fotoflex2013 says:

    “There is a sudden stop here, I got distracted by another thought. I will come back to it
    when I have worked it out.”,
    This thought, mentioned in your previous blog, was:”Stop blogging”?

  5. dave2718 says:

    Thanks for the ride Robyn – enjoy the break

  6. Rich Purdom says:

    Thanks. I enjoyed your blogs Hopefully I’ll catch you live soon. I’m intrigued.

  7. Stacey says:

    You wrote this the day after my birthday, how did it go?
    I wouldn’t worry too much about the addictive twittering, I’ve been writing essays to a psychotherapist for 5 months now, he asked me to stop writing him essays 4 months ago, but I continued until I was blocked (I told him to block me on two occasions as I was worried I might never stop writing, he listened to me the 2nd time I asked him to block me, which was 3 months after the 1st time asked him to block me – something inside tells me that he didn’t quite believe me the 1st time and I might one day stop, little did he know) it’s addictive telling someone the thoughts from the depths of your soul, even if no-one is listening or reading. I have no idea if he read anything, in the same way you have no real idea how many people read what you say or your tweets or how for some people it might just be nice to see you on their twitter feed as you are a regular and stable occurrence in their life, but I am happy he blocked me so a break may be good for you. It was like, all of a sudden I didn’t have to think anymore. A clear thoughtless mind is good.
    Anyway…it’s nice popping in here from time to time so please do continue to write a blog…I spelt ‘nice’ wrong today and instead wrote ‘ince’, that is why I thought I would visit.
    Oh and apparently the private sector of psychologists think I have a borderline personality disorder (this is what was said to me before I decided to write to the psychotherapist for 5 months with no reply), but the NHS think I’m simply high functioning with anxiety and Imposing thoughts…who knows who is right and who really cares, whatever I am or what people believe me to be it is still nice to come here and read your thoughts every once in a while 🙂

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