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Your Culture is Ailing – fighting flames and Dettol

Looking back, would The Better Failures have been better as a club name than Your Culture is Ailing, Your Art is Dead? No. Good, that’s that sorted. The new night has begun, and once it has begun, it cannot be … Continue reading

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“Hey, you know when there’s utter silence just after you’ve said, ‘you know when…'”

On advice, I have reinstated the ‘this may well contain poor punctuation, grammar, and reasoning’ warning. When a good observational comedian says, “you know when (place human behaviour here)”, the whole pub room, theatre, or arena laugh. They have had their … Continue reading

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The Burden of the Bookish

I have rid myself of most addictions, but still one persists. Sadly,in my weakness, I believe I will never shun it, due to it being the result of both nature and nurture. It has ramifications on health and can put … Continue reading

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Potter, Cobain, Jarman, Hicks, Anderson – 20 Years Gone and who Fills Their Boots?

I went over my word count earlier than I had hoped. This is really a starter blog post, it will continue. Tired mind means plenty of typos for you to enjoy.  This is the twentieth anniversary of the deaths of … Continue reading

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The Feminist Jackboot Dug Deep in the Buzzer Round

It is just like The Two Ronnies warned us in The Worm That Turned, the women are taking over. It is a putsch by those with a pair of XX chromosomes. By “taking over”, I mean, they will be represented. … Continue reading

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In My Dreams, I Wombled Free

One of those blog posts that descends into confusion as I nod off at the 356th word and sleeptype the rest. My bristling Colonel fury, which is different to my political ire and my media umbrage, is reserved for litter bugs … Continue reading

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In my subjective world, vaccination is not a belief system – and other postures

Here is part one of this blog post, just in case you want some form of background I started a twitter contretemps with teeth grinding and one fist clenched, I couldn’t clench the other as it hinders my typing. … Continue reading

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