Not a post, just some blurb about Your Culture is Ailing, Your Art is Dead and other things

THE RETURN OF AWARD WINNING BOOK CLUB (it really did, so many years ago now)

Apparently, the comedy circuit is in danger of becoming a place of bland safety, low risk, and unsurprising offerings. 

Will it die from a lack of adventure? 

It is time for some nights of risk and spectacle, it is time for new bold failures…and I am just great at bold failures. 

The Book Club night reinvigorated the “alternative” in alternative comedy back in 2005. Mixing puppetry, sketches, stand up and truly great trash fiction, it led to Robin Ince winning the Time Out outstanding achievement in comedy award, the Chortle Innovation award and a nomination for the best live show at British Comedy awards and had guest appearances from Russell Brand, Noel Fielding, Josie Long and many more. It went on to become a book in itself, and like the the Killer Crabs novels and vet romances it celebrated, is now available in charity shops across the UK. 

As stand up is seen as an arena sport now, there is talk of the “odd room above pub” and “strange cellars of a nightclub” comedy scene dying, now this cannot do. 

So I’ve decided to reinvent The Book Club and create two other club nights for 2014. I’ve always been a morbid soul, so why not come out to play amongst the dead? 

Dirty Book Club will combine the most lurid of literature and advice manuals from the last 2000 years, with collaborations from George Egg, Joanna Neary and special guests from the worlds of literature, variety, music and comedy.

Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire was a two man, highly improvised, critically acclaimed (by which we mean “some good reviews” mainly from publications you haven’t heard of and “clever cunts” – The Scotsman) Edinburgh fringe show feasting on the audience’s anger. Michael Legge and Robin Ince will be the screaming ringmasters and hosts of this celebration of fury. 

Your Culture is Ailing, Your Art is Dead is a new night co-curated by artist Charlotte Young and Robin Ince which will dissect and poke at the corpse of contemporary culture and see if there might be any life in it. It will mix up comedy, performance art (such a dreaded word), visual art, projections and anything else that will fit in the room.

London shows – Pointless Anger, Righteous Ire will be the first monday of every month at the Comedy Cafe, starting on 7th January. 8pm £10/£8

The Dirty Book Club and Your Culture is Ailing will alternate monthly at the Old Queens Head, Islington starting 20th January. 8pm £10/£8

All three shows will be revolving monthly in Brighton and Northampton too. 

Three and Ten, Brighton. Second tuesday of the month.

NN Cafe, Northampton. Third Wednesday of the month.

We don’t say they will all be great, but by jingo, it won’t be from lack of passion and trying. 


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2 Responses to Not a post, just some blurb about Your Culture is Ailing, Your Art is Dead and other things

  1. lanceleuven says:

    “…performance art (such a dreaded word)”

    When did art become a dreaded word? Did I miss a meeting? 😉

  2. robinince says:

    not art alone, but people can prickle when they hear “performance art”

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