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My Observer Books of the Year: Things that missed the deadline vol 3

Procrastination and uncertainty has done for me again. Asked to pick my favourite three books published in 2013 by The Observer, I paused for thought a while too long, and missed the deadline. So as not to waste these few … Continue reading

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from Onanism to Orgy: The joy of collaboration

Stand up comedy is a solitary pursuit that by necessity requires a crowd (for Edinburgh Fringe veterans, by crowd I mean seven or more).  I enjoy touring as my schedule might suggest, though there are times of loneliness. This is … Continue reading

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My Catskills Gene Failed Me: On Walking Off Stage Prematurely

I have just experienced one of the rarer events in my career, I cut a gig short, very short. Technically, it wasn’t short. I was at a new material night and we are permitted to try anything from one minute … Continue reading

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Do You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All? and other ethical quandaries

I have a question for you, hope you don’t mind me asking. Is the safest thing to do, nothing? Whenever you wake up in the morning, as you try to ponder on what you might do that day, the safest … Continue reading

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If You Haven’t Wasted Enough Time on Newspapers today, let me waste more of it

I successfully gave up reading newspapers for many months, but my resolve and habit have dragged me back with increasing frequency. I am back in the swamp of opinion, fashion spreads and international news that I know I should take … Continue reading

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The Trotsky Assortment

Damn, didn’t finish this before going on stage in Hull, so here is the start of something that may drag on through the night. Part 2 follows from the comfort of my budget hotel I looked at the comments under … Continue reading

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Thoughts Before A Work in progress in York

I work a lot because I know I am lazy. I am adept at doing nothing, so I must always make sure I am doing too much. This is why I sometimes do four of my own shows a day … Continue reading

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