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What’s the point of a rich society without generous ideas?

I write a blog post everyday. It is squeezed in a short burst of time that I find. I warn you that I frequently fail to proofread. Be warned, there will be errors. I have finally watched Ken Loach’s Spirit … Continue reading

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This Blog is not here and is not writing

Yet again, this is in the category of pointless blog, I didn’t have the mental energy to write what i wanted, so here’s a load of sentences. I wasn’t going to write a blog post tonight. Josie Long quite rightly … Continue reading

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At Least Kris Kristofferson was Hungover…

Today is one of those days where I think, “bloody humans”, but for no particular reason beyond a pointless fug in my head and general moodiness. It started about 9am. I woke up, fortunately for you I have no memory … Continue reading

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I am my own worst critic, I often walk out on myself

As people are now coming to this blog post because of a link by The Guardian’s Brian Logan I will explain that we never wanted critics coming to our Shambles shows as we wanted to experiment with new stuff without … Continue reading

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“What Time was it Before Time” said the worried watchmaker

After a rather serious blog post, this falls into the “written very late, piece of nonsense, toppling out of thoughts at 1am” category of blog post.    As the 22.33 from Brighton pulled out of London Bridge, I started reading … Continue reading

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I am inconvenienced, but I am ALIVE…

Something written in the doorway of the delayed train at Platform 4 of Northampton Station. Before I had even reached the station, I knew today’s journey to Birmingham would be sluggish at best. A  kindly neighbour had already offered a … Continue reading

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The irresistible lure of the shopfront extraterrestrial

How many times do you nod, smile and say “hello” to someone if you must keep walking by them? Going back and forth between my dressing room and the stage, I see the stage door man. I have had a … Continue reading

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