Canadian Filmmaker Enforced Melancholy

7.50am startled by alarm. BBC Solent interview imminent

8.10am BBC Solent interview. Tongue and teeth seem gluey, perhaps giving away the fact that I am doing this interview lying in bed in boxer shorts.

8.30am reject the idea of hotel breakfast again. I wish it were possible to have bed without breakfast. I always feel that I am ripping myself off by not eating paid for breakfast. I rarely eat breakfast and it would pain my guts, I am also not strongly attracted to tomatoes kept warm by a powerful desk lamp and housed near bacon that has a 1950s comic book colour.

9.15am look at the newspapers sold by newsagent stroke mugger WH Smiths. Remember newspapers make me cross and I read Jon Ronson’s piece online earlier, so just feel Smith’s knife in my kidneys and spend £1.89 on a bottle of water.

10am watch a documentary on colony collapse in bees. I learn that all worker bees are female.

11.05am Dundee bridge impressive from this direction too.

11.45pm Read Sex, Desire and Loss. This is also meant to be part of Chapter one project, but it is too good. It also talks of feminist criticism of Edgar Allan Poe as a necrophilic misogynist.

12.30pm skulk around Edinburgh station.

1.05pm read more books, drink some tea, dip whole carrots in Houmous and don’t care about others judgments. Ever since I ate beetroot on a train I have beaten most of my public eating embarrassment.

2.25pm start watching Fritz Lang’s M.

2.40pm decide I am not in mood to watch a masterpiece that involves child murder.

2.47pm Oh I have a much better idea, why not watch a film about Alzheimer’s with Julie Christie.

2.54pm worry my eyes may dampen during film, but decide to continue on.

4.55pm arrive in Birmingham with sense of melancholy. This is not because I am arriving in Birmingham.

5.04pm have to walk through Birmingham on busy shopping Saturday, arguments occupy the streets like zombies in Pittsburgh. Now I feel melancholy for Birmingham or maybe I feel melancholy for Saturdays.

6pm arrive in Warwick. Taxi company boasts “we know where we are going”. I walk into the office to see a very confused driver trying to comprehend the directions the controller is giving.

7.15pm watch a little Laurel and Hardy to shift Away from Her further back into my head. “what’s my temperature?” “wet and windy” “that’s a barometer”

8pm read from books, nicely organized book festival.

10.15pm arrive back at hotel. A wedding reception is going on, everyone is having a GOOD TIME. Hotel has run out of things to make sandwiches with. Luckily I have more carrots.

12am watch Sons of The Desert in its entirety.

The end of Saturday, but Robin Ince will return in Sunday

(two day blog break. I will return and cover all chapter one books and DVDs I haven’t covered yet)

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4 Responses to Canadian Filmmaker Enforced Melancholy

  1. kateweb says:

    Away From Her sounds good; will hope to hear more about that.

  2. Shell says:

    I’m enjoying seeing how much reading and film viewing you can get through whilst touring and the other aspects of the diary are interesting too – sometimes gruesomely so:

    I can relate to the plastic looking hotel breakfasts under lamps too but what I really hate is the smell of bleach or strong cleaning product near my food. Hygiene is very important but I don’t want it to smell like a school canteen, hospital or a loo! Some places get it so wrong. I was offered a ‘choice’ of Muesli or ham (I’m vegetarian) or 3 types of strong, sweating soft cheese the other morning in Hackney… ugh!

    I’d like to hear more about the gigs themselves if you are comfortable doing that. I’m interested in how you feel different audiences, venues and your mood may affect shows.

  3. Elaine says:

    Very much enjoyed joining you on your ramble through bizarre books in Warwick on Saturday. Front row was a bad idea for my neck but handy for shouting things. Sorry my suggestion of Leviticus did not perhaps show the inspired ‘Old Testament in Limericks’ at its best. Surprising really: one would have thought Leviticus would yield a veritable glut of limerick material… In fact, I’m quite tempted to have a go… Hmm…. just for you:

    If your dwelling be guilty of mould
    Planted there by Lord God, as is told
    Stones from walls you must rip
    And thenceforth go fly-tip
    Then ATONE! And no grudge will He hold

    Lev 14:33-53. (I’m especially fond of vs 38 where the priest’s initial reaction to a house full of mildew is to close it up for seven days….Perfect.)

    Looking forward to more blog posts.

  4. Machupiku says:

    I too loved it at warwick though sat further back due to tall husband. Got book signed too. If only there was space on my shelves! I am an unrepentant bibliophile. Double stacked. Met the joy of mills and boon during degree – unit on popular fiction, much more fun than th unit on salman rushdie and magical realism.

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