the spelling of a fool

(Expect appalling spelling below. it is late, my eyes are dry. the focus of cigarettes and alcohol now a month away – I hope to be able to focus again soon)

Since Monday and the acupuncturist and Aric Sigman, I seem to have got rather behind. Both gigs at The Stand were fun though I have got back to my very bad ways of starting seven ideas and finishing none. At time I hung around at the side of the stage watching me and thinking, “I have no idea what you are talking about”. Sometimes funny, sometimes Dadaist if only some thought had gone into it. My iron hasn’t even got one nail in it.

Tuesday Morning – ate scrambled eggs with Darren Hayman. Conversation = steam trains and a worker co-operative of entertainers doing something interesting across UK.

Tuesday Afternoon – Glasgow to Edinburgh by train. Mild swearing at heavy bag of books. To Dean Gallery Another World exhibition of Magritte, Ernst and Duchamp Urinal (not original urinal). Wondered if it is wrong to admire the breasts on a woman with a skull head (painting not real woman)

Cheese scone with Richard Wiseman – illusion of flesh moving on hyper realistic sculptures discussed.

Tuesday Evening – The Stand. Admired the metal steps where I smoked for many years. The sort of steps that if two or more people are on them it is immediately a band photo of a sixties beat band or a 90s band who have thieved from the back catalogues of some 60s combos. Gig then Omega Man. Locked bedroom door just in case plague victims haunted me.

As for chapter one , it was a disaster. Started Ernest Becker’s The Birth and Death of Meaning, it appeared to be pretentious nonsense on the front cover. Things had already changed by the back cover – “Unlike the baboon who gluts himself only on food, man nourishes himself mostly on self-esteem” – Kept

Men of Tomorrow – do I really need to know about the original creators of the twentieth century comic book heroes – yes

DVDs – Syriana – will get rid of it, but only because I’ve watched it all. Very good, fits nicely with two previous films – The Omega Man and The Road. Intend to watch a happy film at some point. Omega Man can’t be part of Chapter One as I have seen it before. Would like to see it remade with Bill O Reilly in the Anthony Zerbe role.

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  1. kateweb says:

    Discovering that the books you have are great and should be read wouldn’t be a terrible side-effect of this project. Do you ever record your gigs? Could help pick up and finish some of those ideas you start – assuming you want to.
    (A workers co-operative including you and Darren Hayman sounds like a very interesting thing.)

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