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When your teenage icons are no more

The first icon death I can recall is Elvis. I was putting stickers of world war 2 bombers into my RAF Hendon commemorative brochure when the news filtered through. I knew him as a myth, as so many people are … Continue reading

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And on the ninth day, a god created Brian Blessed

Last Monday, we recorded The Infinite Monkey Cage Christmas Special. It was a first. When we first suggested a Christmas special, Brian immediately piped up, “let’s do The Bible”. Brian has an occasional habit of suggesting things like this, then, … Continue reading

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They Came to Crush the Dandy – Some Questions Provoked By QuestionTime

Question Time seemed to get the fun, holiday season cacophony that Farage and Brand were meant to bring to the table. Furious audience hoopla, while the honoured guests attempted to appear statesmanlike. It was more a night of applause wars.Everyone … Continue reading

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I Know it’s Over – when all the shouting is done…for now

My brain is a wrung out dish cloth and a sodden blanket of tiredness hangs on my shoulders. The pockets of adrenaline secreted in the fractured cracks of my body have run dry. I have finished touring, at least until … Continue reading

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I Love the Smell of Paper in the morning, it smells of victory…or history or science fiction or… I Love Books

“People who don’t read get what they deserve.” John Lydon “It’s bloody ridiculous. How can a school get away with not having a library.” Russell Brand They may not seem to get on, but Lydon and Brand agree, it is … Continue reading

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“Oh let me get my hands on your mammary glands, but pray god, never let it be known they have a function”, gasped Morrissey, as he rode pillion on on his Vespa

So there was this story in the news,   and I had ten seconds to spare… Apparently, the west end cafe that asked a breastfeeding woman to disguise her child as a napkin does allow discreet breastfeeding. Just how flamboyant … Continue reading

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The Existential Angst of Bruised Knees

Empathy can really ruin your day. That moment that you see someone else broken and then it dogs you until dusk. When is this promised invasion of the body snatchers coming, when we will all be emotionless pod people? Today, … Continue reading

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